Premises accidents

Queens Slip And Fall Lawyer

Queens Slip And Fall Lawyer

What should you look for when picking your Queens Slip And Fall Lawyer? The first thing that you should look for is an attorney who

Nursing Home Accident Attorney

Nursing Home Accident Attorney

A nursing home accident attorney must be prepared for anything, even a defendant ignoring the lawsuit. Read more to see what happens when a defendant tries to deflect responsibility.


Abogados de caídas y resbalones

Alguna vez caminando y por mala suerte pisas una susbstancia liquida en el piso, y esta le hace caerse?
o, bajando las escaleras, ve que hay cierta ilusión con el color de la loza y esto no le permite pisar bien y le provoca resbalarse del escalón?
Es tiempo de llamar a abogados de caídas y resbalones para tomar acción y así poder compensale sus daños y sufrimiento.


NYC Subway Accident Lawyer

Injured NYC Passengers didn’t expect to be casualties in today’s NYC Subway Fire that broke out in Harlem. 19 people were injured including 1 death.


Elevator Accident Lawyer

Elevator accidents are more common than you think! A man tragically died in his own apartment building by being crushed in an elevator shaft. There are tons of violations given out every year for elevator violations. Make sure you are aware of safety precautions that are taken in elevators that you frequent.


Dog Bite Lawyer

A New York City Lawyer is representing a young dog bite victim who’s only 11 years old. A dog bit off the victim’s face. This

MTA Injury Lawyer

MTA Injury Lawyer

Taking mass transportation in NYC can be a risky business. This article discusses the standard an MTA injury lawyer will argue in a slip and fall accident.

Ice Skating Accident

Ice Skating Accidents

In a recent case, an experienced skater had an ice skating accident while she was skating at the Rockefeller Center ice rink.  The injured skater

Trip and Fall Lawyer

Trip and Fall Lawyer

When there is a trip and fall accident on the sidewalk or roadway, the defendant will raise different defenses. This article discusses these defenses and what the trip and fall lawyer needs to overcome them.

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