Building Collapse in Carroll Gardens


A three-story building in Brooklyn suddenly collapsed this afternoon.  The Carroll Gardens building that collapsed housed a gym for the past thirty-six years.  Fortunately, because of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that the building was unoccupied at the time of the collapse.

There are no reported injuries from the Brooklyn building collapse.  The owner of the gym reported that all of his employees are accounted for.  However, it is still unclear whether anyone is trapped under the rubble. The NYPD and FDNY are surveying the scene from a crane and helicopter.  The NYPD also deployed dogs to search the area.

The NYPD immediately put out an alert advising people to avoid the area so that emergency vehicles and city inspectors would have room to work.

Witnesses nearby felt the collapse and wondered if it “was an earthquake”. Meanwhile, an employee of the health food store said he barely escaped the falling debris as he was taking out garbage.  “I don’t know how I made it,” said the man. “I was taking out my trash when all of a sudden I see this thing and I run into the middle of the street and I fell in the middle of the street.

The building had been under construction prior to the collapse.  In June, the building received a partial stop-work order as a fifteen foot by twenty-foot portion of the brick wall was about to collapse over the public sidewalk without overhead protection.

As gas leak resulting from the collapsing building forced emergency workers to direct neighbors to move indoors.

Mayor de Blasio is monitoring the situation.  This is the second freak building collapse in Carroll Gardens in recent years.  In 2012, the Brooklyn neighborhood also suffered a building collapse when a four-story brownstone’s exterior wall collapsed.

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